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  • Free Standing Tree House Bedz

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    Select main bed colour from our 'Colour Chart'. This will cover the entire woodwork including windowsill and top frame, also the name plinth and letters if personalised). Type natural for unpainted.

    Our NEW UPDATED VERSION of the popular 'Free Standing Tree House Bed' is now available.

    This beautifully designed bed is available with a variety of layout options, sizes, colours and you can even personalise your own with your own colour patterns or name above the door.

    Simply navigate your way through the drop down menu's to choose from Toddler, Single, Bunk Beds* or Sleeping Playhouse. 

    What is a sleeping playhouse I hear your cry? The Sleeping Playhouse is simply a bunk bed style with the bed of your size choice on the bottom bunk, and we replace the bed slats for the 'upper bed' and replace these with a solid flooring - Hey presto, your children will now have their own actual playhouse above their bed. AWESOME!

    Why not choose your own bed colour(s) by looking at our colour chart or leaving it Natural as a true Tree House was meant to be?

    Perhaps personalise it with your name?

    All these options can be selected as you work your way through your order.

    (Teddy, toys, mattress, bedding and child not included!)

    All our bedz come with easy to assemble flat pack instructions but if you want to let someone else do the building for you, just let us know at the checkout.






    Bunk & Sleeping Playhouse

    Height (To roof peak):



    Same sizes as Toddler or Single sizes stated.



    Height (To bed slats):





    (or Including stairs: 1150mm)


    (or Including stairs: 1350mm)

    Length (Including overhanging roof):



    *Mattress not supplied however these can be purchased separately. Bedz to fit standard mattress sizes. Mattress sizes can be viewed from our ‘Home Page’ and viewing the ‘Mattress Size Guide’ tab.

    *(Bunks available in both toddler and single sizes)

                                                                                                                         (Our colour chart can be accessed from our websites 'home page' and selecting the 'Colour Chart' tab.)